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sweetcaroline March 2024
(new) Huawei tablet (1)
Can anybody help me please .I'm not very good with any technology.Ive lost the Google play services.Ive got no idea where 2 start getting them back.Ca
sweetcaroline May 2020
(new) sim free mobiles [14]
What are people's thoughts on this subject?
sweetcaroline September 2018
(new) Nokia mobile settings (3)
I've got a problem ( lol) I'm not very good with mobile phones I've bug*ered my main mobile phone up and have now done something 2 an older Nokia mobi
sweetcaroline January 2018
(new) Mobile help (6)
I feel very stupid.mind u I have 2 smile as this is different .my question is if u put a mobile in the washing machine which I have at this moment I

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sweetcaroline May 2020
I'm happy with being on 02 it's just the fact of it may b easier 2 have a sim 3 mobile incase u wan't 2 change your network that's all I'm thinking a
sweetcaroline January 2018
What am I like? That's without a drink mind u its useful information 4 thoses who didn't know like myself. Next time I think I had better check the so
sweetcaroline January 2018
Oops have found my mobile after all that x
sweetcaroline January 2018
Awww thanks ian I've got some rice .have just got 2 wait 4 the washing machine 2 finish ( lol) x

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