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warded 6 days
(new) Switch System Version [40]
Current version is 10.0.1
warded 6 days
(new) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (1)
Remakes of the better THPS games. tea.gif PS4, PS5, NSW and XBO. Though i did like 3 and 4 too. After that they pretty much dropped the ball.
warded 6 days
(new) Outer Wilds (1)
wild.gif PS5 and NSW 30.08.2024
warded 6 days
This is the NON-RPG group for news and info for stuff that are NOT RPGs. Actual RPG stuff goes to EXPIREDRPGS group. tea.gif
warded 6 days
(new) Batman Arkham Trilogy (NSW) (0)
redalert.gif 01.12.2023 / Arkham Asylum (2009) , Arkham City (2011) , Arkham Knight (2015) games with all the DLC and swag.
warded 6 days
(new) New 'n' Tasty! Oddworld (NSW) (1)
Abe's Odyssee. Remake of the original game from PSX. read.gif 10/2020
warded 6 days
(new) Tevi (0)
Some kind of a Metroidvania read.gif NSW and PS5 07.06.2024
warded 6 days
(new) Red Dead Redemption (NSW) (1)
Base game + The Zombie wasting DLC (Undead Nightmare) + GOTY extras etc. / By Rockstar Games 10/2023 read.gif It is like a cowboy version of Grand Theft
warded 6 days
(new) Red Dead Redemption 2 (0)
By Rockstar Games for PS4 and XBO 10/2018
warded 6 days
(new) Oaken (0)
Turn-based tactical roguelike read.gif PS4, PS5 and NSW.
warded 6 days
(new) Overlord (NSW) (0)
Escape from Nazarick tea.gif Metroidvania / 12.07.2024 / This is a game based on an anime series NOT related to the game series called Overlord from 200
warded 6 days
(new) Legend of Keepers (NSW) (0)
Dungeon Management + Roguelite tea2.gif 26.07.2024
warded 6 days
(new) The Last Faith (0)
Metroidvania + Soulslike read.gif NSW and PS5 13.09.2024
warded 6 days
(new) Monopoly (2024) (0)
It is monopoly the board game, again. read.gif Ubisoft 26.09.2024 for NSW, PS5 and XBSX.
warded 6 days
(new) Nintendo World Championships (1)
NES Edition for the Nintendo Switch tea.gif 18.07.2024
warded 6 days
(new) Super Mario Party Jamboree (NSW) (0)
Multiplayer board game again. read.gif 17.10.2024
femcat38 6 days
(new) Cat Proverbs [49]
A collection of Cat proverbs from around the world.
warded 6 days
(new) Oddworld Munch's Odyssee (0)
Wheelchair guy (!) at least on NSW 09/2020. Originally on Microsoft XBOX.
warded 6 days
(new) Oddworld The Stranger's Wrath HD (0)
shot.gif on at least the NSW 05/2020. Originally on Microsoft XBOX.
warded 6 days
(new) Dead Island 2 (1)
zombie.gif PS4, PS5, XBSX and PC.
warded 6 days
(new) Castlevania Anniversary Collection (1)
whip.gif LRG release for at least PS4 and NSW. (LRG stands for Limited Run Games and they release relatively small print runs where every case in numbe
warded 6 days
(new) Return to Monkey Island (2)
Guybrush Threepwood. tea.gif NSW and PS5.
warded 6 days
(new) Worms : Rumble (2)
Team 17 is still among us. read.gif PS4, PS5 and NSW.
warded 6 days
(new) Benoit Sokal's Amerzone (PS5) (1)
Remake. Explorer's Legacy. tea.gif 31.10.2024
warded 6 days
(new) Assassin's Creed Shadows (0)
reading2.gif 15.11.2024 for PS5 and XBSX

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