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warded 19 hours
(new) Game Demos in eShop [93]
Select Search - Games with demo available - Release date - Newest first
warded 1 day 7 hours
(new) Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4) [10]
More Ghibliness for PC and PS4 EU 23.03.2018
warded 1 day 7 hours
(new) Gems of War (MULTI) [95]
redalert.gif Free to play, free online too.
warded 1 day 10 hours
(new) Group polls are blank (4)
When using OLD prodigits.
jaym1e 1 day 10 hours
(new) Final fantasy 13 (3)
Can u tell me w0t its like plz and if its w0rth buying x
montero93 1 day 13 hours
(new) love (0)
Love is like sunshine. It brings a shining glow to its beholders face. And a warm feeling all over the body. It awakens soul and open eyes. A
warded 1 day 16 hours
(new) NIS Classics Vol. 2 (3)
ZHP and Makai Kingdom
miguelbrock 1 day 17 hours
(new) Harry Maguire leaves cell (2)
Maguire is now free to come back to the UK welcome.gif Confirmed by his lawyer, after he was accused of assault and attempted bribary omglook.gif pl... As
warded 1 day 18 hours
(new) Chrono Cross Remastered (1)
hahaha.gif Wishful thinking... I mean they (Square-Enix) have been releasing older games somewhat frequently so maybe it is time for CC next.
warded 1 day 18 hours
warded 1 day 21 hours
(new) God Eater 3 (PS4) (3)
Whoa, no topic for this game! Available for pc, playstation 4 and nintendo switch. Demo available as well.
warded 2 days
(new) NIS Classics Vol. 1 (3)
Phantom Brave + Soul Nomad
warded 2 days
(new) Switch System Version [17]
Current version is 10.0.1
warded 3 days
(new) YouTube (MULTI) [17]
Well, i'm going to cut it short and just recommend bunch of channels as i go.
warded 4 days
danielmatsumoto35 6 days
(new) chat me [14]
im jane garcia 18 year old im single and i need boyfriend hehehe
manchesr 6 days
(new) Gaming Chat [171]
GTA-IV-CHATROOM! yeah other chat topic was deleted by mistake lol lets chat!
warded 6 days
(new) Random Stuff (chat post etc.) [59]
They changed the look of the eShop today. And added some new features.
trinitis 7 days
(new) Welcome (0)
I believe that many people will see the light through this group in Jesus' name. Join the group and spare your time to come here. Amen
aine84 8 days
(new) Waitinggggggg (1)
Private Group!
warded 8 days
jhayjhay 8 days
(new) I am new here (6)
I need a friend request plsplease.gif
warded 8 days
(new) Youtube support (8)
Yes. There is an youtube application in the eshop. Tested and configured it. Watched some AVGN. Also there are some videos/trailers in the NEWS sectio
mr.gudguy 11 days
(new) salaamz (4)
hey there people, hope you all doing fine... kuwasalimia tu
warded 11 days

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