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Star Supremo

A caucus where Supremos and tyros share general savvy and vested interest.

Group Founder: uduks
Group Type: Public join
Members: 18
Category: Countries > General

Topics (7)
uduks June 2019
Quizzical (1)
A birth in which the baby's bottom or feet come out of the mother first is called a _______
uduks June 2019
Miscellaneous (1)
What word associates a spider with the internet?
uduks September 2015
Lizards (1)
Ever heard of the komodo dragon?
uduks September 2015
Volcanoes (2)
The country with the amount of highest active volcanoes is________??
uduks September 2015
The Octopus (2)
You know an octopus has eight legs but how many hearts does it have?

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