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Star Elmo
HI there. The group has lots of topics, some of which include jokes, insults, pickup lines, adult nursery rhymes, aussie lingo decoder and heaps more including polls and funny pictures. Plz join the group and have a look.

c*m on in, sit dwn, converse. If yor feet stink, plz keep yor shoes on. Theres tea n coffee on the bench. Only instant sorry. Beer n bundys r in the fridge. The cheesecake is 4 later so plz dnt eat it. Because of some the content in this group, its 18+.

Group Founder:
Group Type: Public join
Members: 342
Category: Fun > General

Topics (37) April 2016
Sign in here plz if u want 2 save this group [37]
Plz sign this topic, so we all know u regularly visit this group and dont want it to be deleted April 2014
IMPORTANT so plz read. [91]
Please leave a comment in this topic so i know who has visited the group. It could just b a clipart or the word hi. Thanx mwah.gif February 2012
Adult Nursery Rhymes [25]
Please dont read these 2 minors. These r very adult. If you r easily offended. Press back now! February 2011
Wots yor star sign? [57]
Hi. Which sign of the zodiac do u belong 2? February 2010
C'mon and confess. [25]
Wot is the story behind your user name. For bonus points, if u have multiple niks. Wot r they.

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friends forever,
parking lot.
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tweety flying

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