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Mpendu love n frnds laugh til u s**t

Good laughs

Group Founder: mpendcub
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Category: Fun > Jokes

Topics (37)
thamie_d August 2010
delivery mix up (3)
The mailman rings the door bell and says 'i hv a parcel here but the name on it is obliterated' The house owner replyz 'cant b 4 me then! my name is f
filifulu August 2010
OLD AGE2 (2)
She's in her 70's and her boyfriend is 85. This particular night they planned to have s*x. The dude goes to the bathroom to prepare while she waits i
thamie_d July 2010
crzy scul boy (0)
Teacher: not many people knw ths but thrs no difficulty in the world we cant overcome schoolboy: realy hv u ever tried 2 squeeze the toothpaste b
mpendcub July 2010
Shake hands (4)
A teacher is tryn 2 teach gud manners asks d studens: Mike if u were on a date having supper with a nice lady how would u tell her that u have to go t
mpendcub April 2010
I bet u 0 (1)
2 guys r in a bar n both r watching tv when the news comes on. It shows a guy on a bridge on the verge of jumping, obviously about 2 commit suicide. 1

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