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Star Deudageet
WEL-COME Group for west np. Deuda geetko lagi yo group tayar gariyko chha. Deuda premi sathiharu yo groupma join hunuhos

Sabai sathilaee aagrha-yo sirf deuda geetko group ho yeha deuda geetka coment, deuda video & deuda download link jodnu.

Group Founder: rameshti
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Music > Country

Topics (2)
rameshti February 2010
Deuda git(song) [9]
Please write here oly deuda git don't write any things. I am starting blow than you can write deuda git and tel me
rameshti February 2010
About Deuda song (3)
Deuda is the main song of western Nepal. They pepule are west Nepal sing this song and they dannce with this song as

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