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Hey guyz am new here sad.gif
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Under Night In-Birth 2 [14]
Sys Celes 25.01.2024 ... and yeah the name sounds stupid. The game itself might be cool as i loaned the previous one from the lib
warded 2 hours 10 minutes
Gems of War (NSW) [592]
redalert.gif Free to play, free online too.
warded 2 hours 12 minutes
Paper Mario 2 Remastered (NSW) (6)
redalert.gif The thousand-year door. From the Nintendo GameCube.
warded 5 hours 28 minutes
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes [25]
It is like bloodstained again. good.gif TBA 2023
warded 17 hours
Digital VS Physical (3)
Digital games are commonly same or even higher price than physical ones. Though we've seen some seriously hot deals for some digital games they
warded 1 day 18 hours
Dragon Quest III remake (7)
Hmmm.... HD-2D
warded 1 day 18 hours
Dragon Quest XII (4)
It's in the making read.gif
warded 1 day 18 hours
The Elder Scrolls Blades [13]
Free to play , cross-play possible.
pteeteen 4 days
Any guy ready for a serious relationship (7)
I am here for friendship that will develop into a loving and genuine me up if you are interested. One love.
ur.fairy 4 days
**.. Last Post Win~Game ..** [1007]
[b]Hey Friendzzz, friends.gif Lets Play a Game here..... In this topic, Whoevr replies Last bcumz THE WINNER of tis Game... Lets see who wins?? (c
pimphead 4 days
to all members (1)
Hey pu*sys who do u s trying to impress with ur mute speech?Why Rnt there any topics in this kak group R all of ya brain dead or what?
bl3ss3d 4 days
Love or Hate (1)
Which is stronger?? thinking.gif
ediroy 4 days
Let us chat (1)
Chat me up. Ask me any question about my self, I will answer
x_tian30 5 days
*:* what r u d0ing n0w *:* [423]
Frnds c*m and tell us what u r d0ing when u enter dis group..
warded 5 days
Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth (3DS) [17]
Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth Nintendo 3DS Developer: Atlus Publisher: Deep Silver Releasedate: JP 04.08.2016 US 17.10.201
warded 5 days
Langrisser 1 and 2 (NSW) [17]
EU 2020 read.gif If you don't know Langrisser, try the title called WARSONG on SEGA Mega Drive.
warded 5 days
Persona 5 Tactica (5)
??????? redalert.gif
warded 5 days
Shiren the Wanderer 6 (NSW) (3)
sword.gif The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil island.
warded 5 days
The Witcher IV (PC) (5)
CD Projekt RED ... Geralt's back, babby. Probably... EU TBA 2017
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