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Feed on God's word, grow in God's word

There's this thing that happens to us... Every day of our lives,as humans,we face temptations... How do we overcome,by eating Godly protein which would repair our worn out tissues and build up better ones... This protein is God's word... Let us come together,and point out our hinderances and way of overcoming them... And neccessary hang-on tips... By faith, in Jesus' name... AMEN!!

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icydivinity November 2013
Life is sweet with God! (1)
Hey,live your life with God. You are defining your life by doing that. You are giving your life a meaning. Without God,how do we live.what do we belie
icyrain November 2013
Refusing to forgive? Watch out! (0)
Some people are fond of the phrase/sentence i will never forgive you. There are several reasons why people use this sentence. Some say it so as to sou
icyrain November 2013
how sweet is anger? (0)
A lethal tool when channelled to the right direction... Anger carries extreme energy,such that if God uses it.. Amazing!
icyrain November 2013
Against evil thoughts........... (0)
What we see,what we hear,what we will see and hear is uncontrollable,just like the future... The mind is never satisfied with evil. What we see,hear,e

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