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You are highly welcome to this group which is created for christains to discuss and get closer to God,feel free to make uploads,topic or polls.

You can also join our facebook group(GospelHome)And also our LetsChat group(GospelHome).Please subscribe to our jetbits channel @[GospelHome.For more infomation or question,email us ondavidirena692@gmail.comOr message us on facebook@ltz Dazzing Mar Vel.Thank you.

Group Founder: victor14
Group Type: Public join
Members: 12
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Christianity

Topics (5)
victor14 January 2023
victor14 January 2023
Bet me.Satan will make you skip this (0)
Congratulation to you if you are not ashame of typeing. I love Jesus
victor14 January 2023
Belive it! (1)
God is makeing the crooked path staright in your life
victor14 January 2023
Please join my group (0)
hello3.gifi'm impatientimpatient.gif to get many members. Please beg.gifjoin my group
victor14 January 2023
Happy new year! (0)
happy5.gifhappy5.gifhappy5.gifwelcome to the year 2023

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