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Gaming News Version 0.01 Beta lol

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Under Night In-Birth 2 [26]
Sys:Celes 25.01.2024 ... and yeah the name sounds stupid. The game itself might be cool as i loaned the previous one from the lib
warded 5 days
MetroidVania (0)
Stands for Metroid+Castlevania, specifically referring to games with elements from both Super Metroid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Th
warded 12 days
Roguelike and Roguelite (3)
Oversaturated the market much? for_sure.gif Seriously it feels like every week at least two new ones are announced to be in development.
warded 16 days
Grand Theft Auto 6 (3)
No OFFICIAL info yet. Rockstar Games is pretty tight-lipped on this one.

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