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Discussions on important issues concerning our muslim youth currently...

Assalaamualaikum 2all my respected brothers and sisters in islam!This group will focus mainly on the muslim youth,with topics such as,'the influence of internet and chatrooms'...etc...and will also include topics dealing with fiqh and poems...etc

Group Founder: 786taqwa
Group Type: Public join
Members: 264
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Islam

Topics (43)
abu_g May 2015
Of the SalafiWahabis Scholars.... * AL-ALBANI A Concise Guide to the Chief Innovator of Our Time by Dr. G. F. Haddad
swafia March 2013
Falling in love is not haram bt wat you do with dat lov iz wat makes it haram or brother n sisters let make our love to be halal n lets
786taqwa March 2013
Isnt it funny? (8)
Isnt it funny how groups,forums or sites where deen is concerned arnt as popular and commonly visited as as all the others that for instance deal with
nafisa_k July 2011
Join this islamic chat (6)
abu_g February 2011
Salafi VS Sunni (0)
see here, its shocking reality - *

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