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Hi girls do u want2 luk like miss fitness or like torrie wilson than join we can hlp

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Group Founder: docter01
Group Type: Public join
Members: 68
Category: Sports & Fitness > General

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sjc1986 February 2011
docter01 February 2011
Breast (2)
Do get toned breast do push up 8-12 and incline flys and inclined press and pull overs 8-12 reps and 3sets do nt go 2 heavy pls u dont wnt to luk like
docter01 February 2011
How 2 gt that flat tamy (3)
Hi u start with 160situps a day that means 80 in the moring and 80 in the night 4 a week and than the 2nd wek u do 200 that means 100 morin 100 night
jeanjoyc June 2009
Im too skinny! (0)
Help me,im way thin,i need to add weight bt i dnt knw how
0tazzz March 2009
Advice 4 girls by a girl (0)
No offence, doc, but what do u knw about the female anatomy and the way it reacts to exercise and diet? Girls, inbox me 4 advice?

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