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Star Handcuffs
Get urself prisoned in d world of Friends...............

Group Founder: ghostlsd
Group Type: Public join
Members: 56
Category: Your City/Region > Africa

Topics (7)
pimphead May 2024
to all members (1)
Hey pu*sys who do u s trying to impress with ur mute speech?Why Rnt there any topics in this kak group R all of ya brain dead or what?
dilkush March 2011
Freely Shout Box... (5)
Friens here u can shout freely ur feelings n get attention whom u wanted. But, no abusing or hurting words 2anybody.
ghostlsd March 2011
F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p (3)
wats friendship?
d.e.a.d March 2011
wats the Budlist mood of the day? (1)
U may shoot me wid ur words. U may cut me wid ur Eyes. U may kill me wid ur Hatefulnez But lyk d air I wil alwyz Rise witch.gif
d.e.a.d March 2011
:-:-Welcome-:-: (0)
My Warm Welcome to all members out here. Please introduce urself here.

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