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Star Wanting2meetwomen
Welcome women age 25yrs-35yrs who want 2 meet men of similar ages, 4 adult fun n pic swaps an chat!

All the adult fun u want, an all the naughty questions u want 2 ask? Like wot yor favourite s*xual desires r, then try find sum1 to fulfill your desires? in the way u want! x x x

Group Founder: hatman77
Group Type: Public join
Members: 220
Category: Chat Groups > By Age

Topics (9)
effy July 2020
Mature guys 4 a mature chat [14]
Lukin 4 mature chat stringz
sinfuly1 October 2014
Female here lookin 4men [9]
Want a man to make me his to have me control me want to be a s*x slave
shounize April 2014
fun (0)
I like it diirty baby ;)
gk12 June 2013
Inadi kitchen (0)
Has any1 had s+++x in da kitchen?
talijohn October 2012
male (0)
Searching a lady 4 friend n chat. I am from northeast india

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