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A virtual COFFEE SHOP 4 u to kick back, relax and pass ur time in chatting about diffrent topics over steaming cuppa....!!!

:::WeLcOmE 2 alL nEw meMbeRz N EnjoY t0 sTaY hErE::: we have the great variety of topic, may b u'll find here m0re than ur expectation, the topics abt fun, tv shows, m0vies, latest mobile model's reviews, articles on useful topics such as gardening, astronomy etc etc. f!nD hErE soME m0rE c0ol atTitUdE, bArB!e, w!nnie da po0h, pink g!rliSh wallpApERz, beAuTIful p!cs n sCreEN sAverZ aBoUT NATURE, FLoWerZ, DiSnEY, BOLLYWOOD CELEBS N MOVIES...Intersting cliparts n emmos 4 Blogs N fORUMS.. Everything abOUt fuLL Of fUN. WaNnA SoMe m0Re. :::BE A PART OF OUR COMMUNITY:::ITZ OUR GUARANTEE:::YOU WILL NOT IN LOSS:::LOL:::

Group Founder: kashish8
Group Type: Public join
Members: 1796
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Topics (381)
kashish8 April 2019
jus make a word from the last letter of every word to make it funny
aznpixy January 2019
Hello!! (2)
Where is everybody?
parizad May 2018
cortex May 2018
.::Howz ur mood today?::. [415]
Im happy today by the grace of ALLAH, because my tests at academy were done smoothly. pray.gif
tadeabtesfaye July 2017
givet a birthday card (0)
happy birthday

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