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Hi people if u require any type of advice, pls join in n be a part of our team.. & lets make this club to be a worthy cause.

Hi friends! Pls join this advice club, Lets build up this advice club to help out the people in need... DJ Sam.

Group Founder: dj_sam
Group Type: Public join
Members: 470
Category: Romance & Relationships > Advice

Topics (92)
mary_jay May 2018
HELP [11]
i guess i'm 4lin u a guy datz 3 years olda dan me,its kinda incrsn evrydai,but i don't want him 2 know,wat can i do
rahma_08 May 2018
Club chat box [177]
Lets talk bou anythng!
dpak14u May 2018
Can a girl..... (5)
I luv a girl who is taller than i.can a girl luv a shorter boy?
diceygrl November 2015
Wat makes a guy not 2 check on (6)
Y does most guys claims 2 luv a girl but dont cal dont text dont remember special dates valentine,birthday anniversary always making up excuses
metalace November 2015
How do you know a man loves yo [19]
Without him telling you he actually does? When do they know they love a girl?

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love generation
mathakada hanadawe
big city life
With you / chris brown
Rise Up (DJ Sam''''s Step by Step Garage Mix) - Volume 2

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