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Star Final0fantasy
For final fantasy lovers

For hints and tips on final fantasy, come here jus to chat about the games its self or help others its all up to you, got any tips , plz inbox them to me, so you can help other x

Group Founder: emostorm
Group Type: Public join
Members: 63
Category: Games > RPG

Topics (20)
emostorm May 2018
Final fantasy 7 [12]
For ppl who say this is the best final fantasy game by far, or jus to chat about the game its self
pyroemo November 2008
I need help! (0)
How da hell do i beat the undying in ff12
emostorm September 2008
Rare final fantasy games (8)
Do you have rare final fantasy games? Or jus know alot about them ? What ever it is you can come and talk about it
aceblitz September 2008
: / (1)
Do u eva think we do 2 much talkin? We should put all this passion 2 good use. Lets all go 2 Japan. We'll fight loadza monsters on the way n play blit
phosgal July 2008
Final fantasy music (6)
Lets talk bout the music i love aeris theme it makes me sad

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