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Star frndzfiesta08
its for al who believe in frndship - Also join d 2 new groups BnHStarz for movie lovers n SMania for sports lovers tunein2musik fr musik freaks..

al our relations in lyf is pre defined b4 even v r born lyk mom dad bro sis uncles aunts cousins its only frndship dats chosen bY us .... Frndship has no boundaries o limitations.. Many things dat v cant share wit near n dear ones is shared wit frnds. And u kno wat in every relationship v try to build frndship. Mom dad bro sis at tyms even dey prove to be our best frnds.. So jst extend ur hand and meet frnds al arnd...

Group Founder: xtash
Group Type: Public join
Members: 689
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Topics (55)
ur.fairy May 2024
**.. Last Post Win~Game ..** [1007]
[b]Hey Friendzzz, friends.gif Lets Play a Game here..... In this topic, Whoevr replies Last bcumz THE WINNER of tis Game... Lets see who wins?? (c
shail_86 September 2023
Playlist [851]
If u are listening some song then share it with us and let this playlist grow...
xtash October 2021
Ur mOoD !!! [438]
let ppl arnd know wats ur mood .. wats ur status....or wats in ur mind now....some thot running by.....anything...
frodob18 April 2021
Whatsup?! [70]
Tell others what you are doing right now for instance: watching some program on TV or reading or listening to something.
xtash April 2019
chat more [649]
chat along leav msgs for oda members o de team... Any questions any feelings u wanna share jst scratch down ea

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