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Formed on 10th June 2010 to replace all those Boring Kenyan Groups on Prodigts.It has topics ranging from sports,hookups,rltnshps,hanyes..,2gther with all genres of music and pics.

IF u r a Kenyan nd looking for A Fun nd Hot Kenyan grup,Karibu Ndani.Ull find kul topics,new and latest music,all kinda crazy,funny and outta ths wrld clips and pics,its not just a group,ITS A MOVEMENT.Buh do i say!!

Group Founder: mari99
Group Type: Public join
Members: 869
Category: Countries > General

Topics (556)
queer April 2020
whasapp group [15]
Karibuni to an active whasapp rainbow group..just send me ur no. :-)
mr.gudguy March 2019
chats and fun (0)
kuna watu wa nairobi huku kweli? people hebu tujuane
osteenet April 2017
temperaments. [11]
4 a partner in life,which temperament wud u prefa,a.saguine.b.melancholicc.phlegmatic.d.chorelic.
tantricp April 2017
New ex Kenyan coming home soon (0)
Hi folks, I left kenya years ago (have been back several times on business) but am moving back soon to buy a home and set up a business so looking for
t150 November 2016
Dating an older woman (6)
As a guy wld u date an older woman? if yes y, if no y nt?

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Ts Why Yu Mad - Nicki Minaj ft.Lil Wayne,Birdman(New 13th Sept 2011)
Class ya ma mboch
Mao homework kibera class
Tim kapatikana
Tim & the crazy priest
Tim on the vacation flight

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