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Privet! Here u can join a Russian group n talk with Russian boys/girls and make match or if youre scientific type of person u can find out newest infos bout Russia! Welcome!

Privet! Here's a group where all citizens of Russia and its ex countries can join their own group and discute about music,films,computers,science,astrology,travelling...And share their experiences and new things! Or non-Russians can find their bf/gf if they preffer Russian! Didnt u know that Russian in the world?

Group Founder: sugab4by
Group Type: Public join
Members: 124
Category: Countries > General

Topics (9)
bellring March 2012
What about e-mail exchange? [14]
My best regards from Russia! Mobile internet is expensive while e-mail exchange is not in Tver region of Russia where I live. You are to have right se
jadi110 March 2012
Life in the Russia or outside? (5)
What do u think life in our country become better? Or many russians still prefer to live and work aboard?
shrek002 November 2010
what? [11]
What do u like?
sasha86 June 2010
Russians uk (0)
Did live any russian in Berkshire?
javaj June 2010
What do you think of Israeli hacking Russia?

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