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the joke group that breaks the ice and makes you feel icy!

this is the group that put smiles on peoples faces,we make jokes that crack your ribs,no y jokes.ENJOY...From: ICY

Group Founder: icyrain
Group Type: Public join
Members: 11
Category: Fun > Jokes

Topics (9)
icyrain January 2014
lover's blog (3)
2 lovas sat on a chair.the man tried 2 kiss d girl..girl: no honey,until afta d dont wori,i'm alredi marrid
icydivinity January 2014
PDP! (1)
I was once asked,what the meaning of PDP was, i said PARTY DEMONSTRATING PASTORS. Wishing i was right...
icyrain November 2013
hahahahahaha (0)
Is every one from singapore poor? Is every one from hungary hungry? hahahaha crazy huh
icyrain July 2012
the real meaning of DEVIL (0)
TEACHER: what does devil mean?STUDENT: (remembers the bible refering to the devil as snakes)Don't Eat Vipers In Love
icyrain July 2012
F.B.I (0)
the FBI had plans invade and capture members of another FBI.YOU MAY ASK WHY,but don' means:Female Body Inspector!

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