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even though u make the confessions of faith, pray, fast, and make the pilgrimage ...only one act of heathenism destroys a thousand acts of Religion

preach and teach your religion, philosophy, theology n facts of history, and then get the true knowledge about God the maker of all

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phlamex April 2015
The devil and God (2)
How does ur religion view this ... Well i think God created everything and devil is the villian and opposer .
livers7 February 2015
What's d significance f (wedding) veils? (5)
Isaac and Jacob received their wives while in VEIL. Judah's daughter in law was veiled. What's d role of veiling? How necessary is it?
livers7 February 2015
Ever seen d true image of Jesus Christ? (5)
There are many portraits dat suggest d appearance of Jesus Christ. Av u ever seen Jesus' true image?
phlamex January 2015
What is in btw Christianity n Islam.. [16]
Dnt they all beliv in one God, dnt they all worship in a congregation... What is their differences..
phlamex January 2015
eternity (2)
how does your religion view the last day, or do you think is a myth

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