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trunking 5 hours 53 minutes
Borderlands Movie (2024) (3)
Based on the Borderlands Sci-Fi meets Western RPG video game series. Releases in USA 9 August 2024.
warded 11 hours 41 minutes
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (1)
Remakes of the better THPS games. tea.gif PS4, PS5, NSW and XBO. Though i did like 3 and 4 too. After that they pretty much dropped the ball.
warded 11 hours 51 minutes
Outer Wilds (1)
wild.gif PS5 and NSW 30.08.2024
warded 12 hours 18 minutes
This is the NON-RPG group for news and info for stuff that are NOT RPGs. Actual RPG stuff goes to EXPIREDRPGS group. tea.gif
warded 12 hours 47 minutes
Batman Arkham Trilogy (NSW) (0)
redalert.gif 01.12.2023 / Arkham Asylum (2009) , Arkham City (2011) , Arkham Knight (2015) games with all the DLC and swag.

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