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Star The-Collective
Star Trek group

Join this group to pay tribute and talk about one of the greatest Tv shows of any genre ever

Group Founder: wildhart
Group Type: Public join
Members: 11
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (5)
lstraven November 2012
Favourite Star Trek character (6)
Its a tough one I know, I think i would have to go for Kirk or Spock
wildhart November 2012
New Trek movie (3)
Anyone looking forward to it? I am I want to see if they can recapture the friendship between Kirk, Spock and Bones
des1984 November 2012
Star Trek: Realms Of Time (0)
Hey all! I am the founder for Star Trek: Realms Of Time (Summing Forum Game). Please join our fleet! We growing fast and loads of great concepts are a
wildhart October 2007
Star Trek movies (0)
Has anyone seen the directors cut of the Motion Picture? Its awesome! Just finished watching it
wildhart October 2007
The Shatnerverse (0)
Anyone read any of Bill Shatners Trek books? Just finished the last one and it was great!

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