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A group where fair minded people can debate about religion

Group Founder: 9362
Group Type: Public join
Members: 79
Category: Religion & Beliefs > General

Topics (32)
9362 May 2014
What's the difference (5)
Between groups such as pentecostals and 7th day adventists and ordinary christians?
phlamex May 2014
'believershome' (0)
Is d place where u see light in d knowledge of history philosophy n theology.. Pls join d group where u cn write ur qustions n get d right answers n k
zaporah October 2011
pesach/passover (2)
chag sameach everybody :-) now is the time where jews all over the world remember when we were freed from pharoah so eat that matzo lol
3april January 2011
What is a religion? (0)
There are more than 2000 religions in the world,but many seem to be mistaken christianity for a religion.christianity is not a religion!christianity i
akil28 November 2010
Genealogy of Jesus (8)
I was wonderin about the family line of Jesus's mother was she Judah? Cause if Jesus is said to be of Judah bcause of Joseph is that really accurate s

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The Basic Muslim Prayer
Place of Islam among the Religions of the World
God Is Love (gif file)

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