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A group through which soccer fans will be able to chat and share thoughts, facts and emotions with the game fanatics around the world.

There is no dout that the ENGLISHPREMIER league is best all over the globe. Its the most attracting for all soccer fanatics. With so much happening around the league from trophies, transfers, comments, fans, wealth to all the sweet history sorrounding it.....and much more, this the place to be...share your comments, ideas and thoughts with members online. The fun in soccer mmmmh!...invite your friend. Lets have fun

Group Founder: kajei200
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Members: 28
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Topics (18)
kajei200 November 2011
do you think Mancini side is in the best form to lift glory this season?
dantikle August 2010
Arsenal is da bestest team! (0)
De gunners is gona gun down all teams esp. Man utd wid wayne rooney in da team.
kajei200 March 2010
You lose a game, you lose the (0)
Do you guys think that whoever will lose or even draw in a match of da 3 at the top will have at the same point lost the leauge title..
kajei200 March 2010
Man U vs Livpool (1)
Guyz would u believe me wen i say Benitez's boyz r best compared 2 Fergusions'...4-1 a home game prove it.. Benitez da best and i have got no apology
olesiare February 2010
Time for a change (0)
My dia gooner fans as much as we love da profesa i personaly thnk hes lost it smwea our defeat 2 manu does realy question alot bout our ability 2 chal

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