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This is only for gta fans like me and you have to play atleast two gta to enter

Group Founder: adeeb222
Group Type: Public join
Members: 32
Category: Games > General

Topics (6)
funtikar May 2018
Which GTA have you played? [13]
I know some people haven't play some of the other gta including me XD..list down gta games you have played ,chronologically..mine i think I played GTA
adeeb222 October 2011
Whoever joins the group (0)
First tell that you joined so i can ask what you need etc etc
adeeb222 September 2011
Gta vcs atlast (3)
Two days before i brought lcs and now gta vcs lcs is a little boring i dont know much about gta vcs i will tell my experience later
adeeb222 September 2011
Gta vcs and lcs review by me (2)
I will tell my experience with this games
theviper September 2011
Gta san andreas [10]
Ok let's put you to the test. You said ask for anything and we'll get it . So here goes I want Gta san andreas reboot on the ps3 and xbox360 make it h

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