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warded 18 minutes
What game are you playing? [376]
foxigalx.gif ... edit: LL stands for Library Loan
mavinjay 19 minutes
Favourite artist (3)
Who is your favourite artist give me a reply
warded 43 minutes
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 4 (NSW) (1)
- Chronus Arc - Bonds of the Skies - Legend of the Tetrarchs - Monochrome Order 17.11.2023 from PKP @ Mall of Tripla [b
warded 56 minutes
Chronus Arc (NSW) [23]
A Kemco / Hit-Point JRPG. Originally on the 3DS. Also available on Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 4 . The game is similar to Lufia 2 (on the SNES) with the
warded 57 minutes
Monochrome Order (NSW) (1)
Kemco + Hit-Point 2019
warded 58 minutes
Bonds of the Skies (NSW) [13]
System: Nintendo Switch Developer: Hit-Point Publisher: Kemco Releasedate: 14.03.2019 (Europe) Digital: Yes Physical: Yes Fairly
warded 59 minutes
Legend of Tetrarchs (NSW) (2)
redalert.gif 06.06.2019 by Kemco and Hit-Point Seems okay so far. Featured in Kemco RPG Selection Volume IV Has some similar QOL i
warded 1 hour 2 minutes
Ruinverse (NSW) (4)
Yet another KEMCO RPG.
warded 1 hour 4 minutes
Justice Chronicles (3DS) (5)
A good Kemco RPG. eShop only. Available on android and iphone too... Released in 2016
warded 9 hours 51 minutes
Ace Attorney Investigations (0)
Collection 1+2 objection.gif 06.09.2024 The Miles Edgeworth games.
warded 21 hours
Gems of War (NSW) [597]
redalert.gif Free to play, free online too.
warded 1 day 9 hours
Blasphemous (NSW) (3)
Getting a physical release. Demo has been available since digital release.
warded 1 day 9 hours
Blasphemous II (NSW) (3)
read.gif 24.08.2023
warded 2 days
Mina The Hollower (2)
zelda - like by the people who made Shovel Knight. It looks like Game Boy games such as Seiken Densetsu and Link's Awakening. TBA 2023
warded 2 days
TLOZ Echoes of Wisdom (NSW) (2)
The Legend of Zelda redalert.gif EU 26.09.2024
warded 3 days
Donkey Kong Returns HD (0)
redalert.gif 16.01.2025 for Nintendo Switch On 3DS originally (?)
warded 3 days
blkthunder 4 days
s*x toys or nah? (1)
What lady loves using s*x toys while being intimate with a man?
warded 4 days
flower3 4 days
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