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Non-RPG version group from the makers of expiredrpgs group. Gaming News and Stuff.

Group Founder: warded
Group Type: Public join
Members: 4
Category: Games > General

Topics (150)
warded 1 day 12 hours
Super Smash Bros Next (1)
waiting.gif it is pretty much guaranteed to appear on the Switch2.
warded 2 days
Multiversus (0)
Warner Bros Games tries to copy Super Smash Bros, but with way more microtransactions. haha2.gif only 3/10 (PELAAJA MAGAZINE 259 JULY 2024) (note: some
warded 2 days
System Shock (Remake) (0)
shot.gif PS4, PS5, XBO, XBSX and PC.
warded 2 days
Gears of War E-Day (0)
chainsaw.gif XBSX and PC.
warded 2 days
Anger Foot (0)
Kick everybody in S*it City lol

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