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warded 15 days
Game Demos [14]
According to the filter there are 160 demos out there. (Europe and UK)
warded January 2020
warded January 2020
warded January 2020
System Updates (5)
There are two ways to get updates; Internet or on a game cart.
warded November 2019
warded September 2019
warded September 2019
Games (1)
If you want to know about games, visit expiredrpgs and stargames good.gif
warded July 2019
*old* Nintendo DS games (5)
As the 3DS supports old NDS games, so does this group. cheers.gif
warded July 2019
warded July 2019
Health and Safety (4)
Take a 15 minute break per every 1 hour of playtime. Some games even notify you about this.
warded July 2019
Themes and Badges (5)
Themes; They cost money... There are occasional freebies every now and then.
warded July 2019
Circle pad pro or the kn*b? (1)
Which do you prefer?
warded July 2019
Prodigits support (2)
As a rule of a thumb: ''NEW'' consoles do it better.
warded July 2019
Youtube support [16]
You can get an youtube application from the Nintendo eShop for ''old'' 3DS/2DS systems.
warded July 2019
Prodigits' Games Forum (4)
If you are not a regular, please move yourself there immediately. redalert.gif

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