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* New Topic April 2016
Sign in here plz if u want 2 save this group [37]
Plz sign this topic, so we all know u regularly visit this group and dont want it to be deleted April 2014
IMPORTANT so plz read. [91]
Please leave a comment in this topic so i know who has visited the group. It could just b a clipart or the word hi. Thanx mwah.gif February 2012
Adult Nursery Rhymes [25]
Please dont read these 2 minors. These r very adult. If you r easily offended. Press back now! February 2011
Wots yor star sign? [57]
Hi. Which sign of the zodiac do u belong 2? February 2010
C'mon and confess. [25]
Wot is the story behind your user name. For bonus points, if u have multiple niks. Wot r they. September 2009
Insults. [56]
Please dont take these seriously. They are meant 2 b taken as a joke. But feel free 2 use them in a arguement if the need arises. June 2009
Toilet humour [45]
Its a unpleasant subject that we would all rather not discuss but it applies 2 every1 of us. This topic is about wot happend whn u last did a number 2
etain June 2009
Try dis fun c0mmunity wapsite (0)
toddster May 2009
:: members groups :: [10]
advertise your groups in here (hope ya dont mind me making this topic elmo lol)
etain May 2009
Try this c0mmunity wapsite (fr (0)
J0in m0bamingle a free c0mmunity wapsite 4 friends, avatars, games, chat, n0vels and m0re go to ur br0wser and typ dis and if they ask 4 a s February 2009
Gettin 2 no your group members [17]
Plz discribe yorself to the group, includin a discription of yor personality etc. March 2008
Group Extras. (3)
There is now Files Aka pics, added to this group. Plz check them out. If u find any objectionable, Plz let me know and i will delete them. Also if u w January 2008
Welcome [20]
Glad 2 c u have made it 2 my little area in wap. Drop me a line so i no u hav dropped by, n keep it clean. Oh yeah, im not your mother so clean up an January 2008 November 2007
Finish this sentence plz [24]
You know your getting old when ...

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