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gr8boss October 2010
dl_09 August 2010
Mobile Prob. (1)
Hi I m going to buy a new mobilwee either nokia 3110 or nokia 4500, so plz tell about its feature and reply me why is best, please
col_dude August 2010
Gsm Or Cdma and Why? (3)
Tell me which is better between Gsm OR Cdma ?? And why ?
ratan00 June 2010
tell me which is best mobile in nokia and samsung in price 4000-5000.
phexzy June 2010
Opera mini downloading (4)
I'm using nokia 6080, and mtn network. I've been trying to download the opera mini but i couldn't. Kindly help me out.
mangekyu October 2009
Free gaming console (0)
An internet site is givin away free consoles to people who join and give a certain amount of referals, to get any console you want sign up http://c
bychwa September 2009
Electronic brain (1)
Can u guys help me,can it be possible to have an electric brain,programmed for all involuntary activities?
snoman March 2009
ski & snowboard wap site (0)
just started - - complete ski resort guide for mobile (because we don't take our computer on holiday, and def not on the hill !) opini
sid March 2009
Google and Android (1)
Do you think the soon to hit Independent mobile OS from google will revolutionize the mobile phone market that also plays a major role in the downfall
sid March 2009
What is NanoTechnology? (2)
Manufactured products are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the atoms in coal
sid March 2009
AMD-ATI--Upcoming Graphics Revolution? (2)
This is all about the ATI-AMD merger..: Anyway on a serious note ..this all will get interesting in the future.. ATI maintains its license with Intel
fads2 September 2006
power genaration (4)
sid. i want 2 know how 2 genarat electricity of abt 5k watt with solar or other more economical means.
bearhug September 2006
Any OS for the PS3? (1)
Last year I got word that the harddisk-euipped PS3 would run Linux?
towelie September 2006
Consel wars (2)
It looks like every1 predicted wrong. The PS3 acording to ppl wit long titles is going to lose the war. But wii is going to have a very storng chance

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