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dbnracer February 2008
Durban-drag-club (0)
If you from durban and interested, join the group
dbnracer February 2008
Durban drags (0)
Is it stil happenin?
dbnracer February 2008
Specs of pics (1)
Hey car lovers, if you put a pic of your car on the site, it would be great if you created a topic with the title as the model of your car and the mes
dbnracer February 2008
Toyota TAZZ 1300 (0)
Engine: been boured twice, due to it blowin up and drivin with no water, cone filter. exhaust: power flow free flow. interior: bucket seats. ext
schizzo February 2008
Su carbs [14]
Just a quick Q, what would happen if u put 2 much oil in the dash pot?
dbnracer February 2008
Uploadin pics (1)
Hey ppl, its me again. You have a car right? Wel put it on the site. Take a photo and upload it. Even if the only mod you did, was put a exhaust tip o
shash_zn February 2008
port tuning (5)
1stly i wanna say thanks to dbn racer 4 inviting me. are u from max power? ok anyways back to the topic. i have a problem with my home theatre sub. it
dbnracer February 2008
Other wap groups (0)
Hey ppl, as you may know i do have other wap groups related to motorsports. So check out which one applies to you. If you into sound, den check out te
dbnracer February 2008
Leave info (0)
Hey ppl. What ever you want to know, create a topic wit the headin as your problem and ill get to it asap. No question wil go unanswered!!

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