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soledad3 October 2011
WsWs (5)
im alwayas designing the difficulet topics.solve this! WsWs 07 !
snowfox1 October 2011
Am i an idiot for not knowing this city? (0)
Meaning i never went there or to put it futher out of state only newyork so will you tell me about this city i might go there after i graduate highsch
snowfox1 October 2011
Are the people there jewish? (1)
Is this place part of isreal?
4sweet June 2010
help me to have him (6)
my lover gonna get married soon with girl from his parents choice..what should i do to make him disagree with that?
mnstr June 2009
why i love jeddah?? [9]
coz my lover live there iloveyou.gif i hope i go there soon!!
mnstr June 2009
~ n ss!W I ~ (3)
what s that.. iif u kn0w tell my l0ver that
soledad3 May 2009
Who doesnt love jeddah? (2)
jeddah..this is the m0st beautiful city in saudi arabia and the world! u cant visit jeddah and d0nt like it! and im sure that all jeddah ppl cant take
soledad3 April 2009
Jeddah tigerz sets da fire on! (2)
yeah thy r Jeddah tigerz nd Asia legendz! with an amazing goalz thy win the leguez cup! not williamson not yassir! hazzazi ! boosha ! noor r the heroe
soledad3 April 2009
What do u think...?? (0)
Do u think that Jeddah z better 4 havin a job and work thr or 4 havin holidayz or livin thr...or what??
soledad3 April 2009
Umm (2)
4 those who live in jeddah or visitd..what z ur m0st favourite place in jeddah?
mnstr November 2008
what u wana d0 ?! (4)
this s my last semister! happy.gif i wil g0na be a pharmacist grin2.gif . and what abwt u?
soledad3 October 2008
m0st difficulet topic (4)
i u Tu0HT!M~h@Ts~D7u0Hs
soledad3 August 2008
~)!11!(~ [18]
if u really knoe it ull guess what it means!!!

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