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warded October 2019
Firefox 70.0 (4)
We got a new logo. hi5.gif
runestar October 2019
VLC + VLC Portable (4)
VLC VLC Portable
starlaw2 September 2019
plz submit any link on link bar (0)
plz submit any link on link bar
warded September 2019
7-Zip (3)
Archive program. Next most essential piece of software after your internet browser. Mainly needed for opening .7z , .rar and .zip [i]htt
warded September 2019
Revival of TB (3)
Make the group great again.
runestar September 2019
MPlayer front-end: SMPlayer (5)
runestar September 2019
Learn how things work (secu.) (3)
Understand what to avoid and what you need to secure more by yourself. simply installing an anti-virus doesn't mean your computer is safe. Personally
warded September 2019
RapidCRC (0)
RapidCRC is basically meant for checking the integrity of files with CRC32 or other hashing methods. redalert.gif I personally use RapidCRC Unicode x64 portable. [i]
runestar September 2019
Free disc burning (2)
Fully free: ImgBurn CDBurnerXP Infrarecorder GNOMEBaker Brasero k3b Free versions: (of premium software, limited features)[br
runestar September 2019
Don't screw up your ubuntu (5)
runestar September 2019
DirectX 11 (4)
hmm.gif well... not worth much mention yet.
runestar September 2010
Seamonkey 2.0.8 (6)
the classic Netscape Communicator offspring is moving on. Was also known as Mozilla Suite before Seamonkey. Current release: 2.0.8 [i]http://www
runestar September 2010
Firefox 3.5.13 / 3.6.10 (8)
Go get it
runestar July 2010
Seamonkey 2.1 alpha (3)
Support for WebGL and for Direct2D acceleration, new add-on manager, supports a lot of the same tabbrowser API as Firefox, more HTML 5 support such as
runestar July 2010
Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS released (3)
Third ''service pack'' release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.04 Hardy Heron cheers.gif

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