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lillrose March 2019
is it possible ? [11]
i would like 2 knw if its possible 4 a guy frm pakistan 2 fall inlove with a african black woman and get married
nashkha March 2019
Love [13]
Do two ppl hv to luv one another 2 tie the knot or cn love cm after
s.kamran April 2015
India-pak-friendship (7)
Plz join ds grp
nomi5555 January 2013
water kit for veh. (2)
agha waqar invented the kit, water as fuel in vehicles. PRACTICALLY, demonstrated on TV. GEO.
umais October 2012
MQM (2)
Wot do u consider the role of mqm in recent hapenings in karachi ? Wot do think abt the relations of Government n MQM?
nashkha May 2011
married woman (6)
should woman have the right to work instead of being home attending to homely affairs
a.safwan May 2011
Plz join (2)
Plz join da grp grandiose
ujs April 2011
A good thought (1)
How does a good thought changes a person?
nashkha September 2009
Arrange marriage (6)
Voice yr opinion arrange or not.should u b free to choose
a.safwan May 2008
4 da grp owner (0)
There is not a sngl file in dis grp. So i would like 2 say dat plz upload some files 2 atract da ppl
umair345 June 2007
National songs (0)
Pakistanis!! Whats your favourite Nation Song.
daktur August 2006
Happy 59th birthday! (1)
Hi every body! Say happy birthday to PAKISTAN.

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