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g.a November 2018
When Your Lover Goes Silent (0)
Hello Lovers of Love, it's been such a very long time! I would really love us to revive this group again. What does it mean when your boyfrien
g.a May 2018
Hello ladies and gents. It's been so many years since we interacted here. Luvscent was born seven years ago. I miss you, my dear friends. I miss being
g.a October 2017
Can u love two people at the same time????
phemmyt April 2013
s*x Is It Gud or Bad [14]
s*x is a convenant btw 2 Lovers cos it shows dey hav bec*m 1, having a s*x is gud it show dat he/she loves me indeed. In an early stage we don't hav 2
feeloh March 2013
What Men Really Want [11]
Herez what men really want, n so dat ladiez won't find it difficult to undastand their men n fulfill SOME of their needz
hotmotey March 2013
which between tha two do ladies love tha most?
g.kay January 2013
Why men stop calling [24]
Just after a gal has accepted to be a man'z gf, he acts all nice. After two weeks, he is never d nice guy. He stops calling, being caring, etc..n d ga
g.a January 2013
antoneno January 2013
Strange gals at the club (2)
If ur guy was into the habit of buyin drinks etc for other strange-mostly gals ,would you have a prblem with that.
bracket January 2013
Luxury moments. (4)
Have u ever discovered this? If so comment how u felt.
g.a January 2013
How to make her MOAN ur name [9]
u want to make her genuinely moan ur name during s*x? read below
g.a January 2013
How to convince her to have s*x (7)
Have you been with your girlfriend for a long time but it has been hard to convince her to have s*x x x with you yet you love her and you don't want t
g.a January 2013
make him WANT u (7)
Tomorrow, i'l post ways a girl can make her man want him so bad when she's not around.. tips to make think of u and want to see u when u r not near hi
bracket January 2013
ouch! ouch! ouch! xo sweet! [27]
yeah! to all missed me am back with this? open up en lets talk abt fact.... don't shy off!
g.a November 2012
So, ur partner asks 4 ur naked photo, wit d s*xiest pose..Can u give ur girl or boyfriend dat naked photo to keep it..and why/why not?

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