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icydivinity February 2014
For years,men have taken to studying the sky for several reasons... Some for predicting the future,telling the past,forecasting the weather,natural ar
icydivinity November 2013
To what end? (0)
Animals,biblicaly came from the sea... Wherever they came from,they are a part of this world. Its joys,comforts,downs and deadly calamities. Both prey
icyrain November 2013
Nigerian dogs and Ticks (0)
An average Nigerian dog gets up to 4.33 ticks a day on every bush outing.Thats 30 ticks a week and 1560 ticks a year. So,the average canis familiaris
icydivinity November 2013
Humans go crazy at least 5mins a day! (1)
The years are floating by and science has come up with another theory. humans go crazy 5mins each day... What?? 5mins. At first sight ,you are like,th
icydivinity November 2013
Nigerians should stop voting! (1)
Its my legal right!! i know,i know,spare me the bulls**t. We don't need to vote! Voting is supposed to bring about change. Lol,but guess what,we've be
icydivinity November 2013
Change! (0)
change is inevitable,it is a re-occuring incident that gives us balance. it morphs,takes,and gives. GOD made it.
icydivinity November 2013
Lies? (0)
What are lies? is it wrong information? or misleading facts? generally, facts that cannot be proven are lies. hahahahaha

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