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elshadai May 2015
love (2)
most pple dnt rilly undrstnd wat it means to love.Love can b defined jst in 1word n u c dat 1wrd is jst so hard 4pple to undrstnd n dose wu undrstnd d
livers7 May 2015
Love (1)
Love is variously misunderstood. Whether or not true love is concentrated on only 1, 2 or more ppl, It shld b understood too dat love's kind, not sel
livers7 February 2015
Christianity [13]
Of all d faith known to man terrestrial or celestial, christianity's come 2 stay n d gates of hell shall not prevail. It's survived tru many thick n t
livers7 February 2015
The Bible (2)
An apt, extensive & detailed description of d Bible, especially an attempt to holistically capture d accounts, experiences etc., wld culminate in a tr

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