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warded 6 days
Switch System Version [40]
Current version is 10.0.1
warded 6 days
warded 24 days
What game are you playing? [376]
foxigalx.gif ... edit: LL stands for Library Loan
trunking June 2024
warded April 2024
Game Demos in eShop [204]
Select Search - Games with demo available - Release date - Newest first
warded March 2024
Errors and connection problems [23]
Just had some a while ago. Could not resolve host etc.
warded March 2024
Don't know why i haven't made a topic for this yet.
warded March 2024
Game saves, Data and SDXC [10]
The game cards are read-only. Extra data and saves go to either system memory or on a Secure Digital card. This is why saves are account-specific. Som
warded February 2024
Replacement Joy-Cons (2)
A pair costs 90 euros. They also sell them separately for 45 euros a piece.
warded February 2024
Pro Controllers (4)
Wired = 30-50 euros Wireless = 80-120 euros
warded February 2024
Nintendo Switch (v2) (3)
It is in stores. read.gif Supposed to have better battery life than v1 (original Switch).
warded February 2024
Welcome! (6)
This is a group for Nintendo Switch.
warded February 2024
Battery life (3)
Pretty much any game from 4 to 6 hours.
warded February 2024
Games for online subscribers (4)
If you have paid for the Nintendo Switch Online service, you have access to a bunch of ''free'' games. For example: Super Mario Bros. 35 and Te
warded February 2024
Current offers / Discounts [77]
faint.gif Way too many to list...

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