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Health and Safety (4)
Take a 15 minute break per every 1 hour of playtime. Some games even notify you about this.
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warded November 2023
Game Updates and DLC (5)
Game Updates and patches are free. The system will tell you to update when you select a game in home menu.
warded November 2023
Free Applications [9]
There are some in the eShop.
warded November 2023
Pre-owned games (8)
The NDS/3DS game carts do not break by accident. This makes buying them pre-owned somewhat safe. good.gif
warded November 2023
Nintendo DS games (6)
As the 3DS supports old NDS games, so does this group. cheers.gif
warded October 2023
Games (4)
If you want to know about games, visit expiredrpgs and warded-prime good.gif
warded October 2023
Prodigits' Games Forum (6)
If you are not a regular, please move yourself there immediately. redalert.gif
warded May 2023
System Updates [10]
There are two ways to get updates; Internet or on a game cart.
warded January 2022
Youtube support [17]
You can get an youtube application from the Nintendo eShop for ''old'' 3DS/2DS systems.
warded January 2022
Prodigits support (3)
As a rule of a thumb: ''NEW'' consoles do it better.

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