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warded October 2023
Games (4)
If you want to know about games, visit expiredrpgs and warded-prime good.gif
warded October 2023
Prodigits' Games Forum (6)
If you are not a regular, please move yourself there immediately. redalert.gif
warded March 2020
Game Demos [14]
According to the filter there are 160 demos out there. (Europe and UK)
warded July 2019
warded July 2019
Themes and Badges (5)
Themes; They cost money... There are occasional freebies every now and then.
warded July 2019
Circle pad pro or the kn*b? (1)
Which do you prefer?
warded July 2019
warded July 2019
Free Theme(s) [9]
In the theme shop. SMT strange journey redux theme now.gif
warded April 2019
Battery life (6)
khaliq.gif It appears that the old 3DS has better battery life.
sephiroth March 2019
Movies (1)
Why don't they make movie cartridges? Has the idea ever been conceived?
warded March 2019
Buying Guide (7)
Just go for a ''NEW'' 3DS or 2DS. There really is no reason to buy any of the old models today.
warded October 2018
NEW 3DS Exclusive Games (6)
Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Warriors.
warded June 2018
ASH (3DS game) (1)
redalert.gif Even though it is a decent game, it has some serious bugs...
warded June 2018
Amiibos (3)
Figures with RFID / NFC functionality.
warded June 2018
Physical or Digital Releases (2)
I'm mostly into physical ones.

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