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warded 19 days
warded 2022
Linux adventures Part II [14]
A new chapter has begun.
warded 2022
Super Bomberman R Online [17]
Free to play. Gonna post some stuff about it here.
warded November 2021
Metroid Dread Thread (5)
Boo, it is halloween soon. And that has nothing to do with this game / topic.
warded October 2021
New mp3 player / pocket radio (6)
warded October 2021
Internet outage :-o (0)
About 2h ago. The internet light on my modem/router was red. Did the usual troubleshoot steps like turned it off for an hour etc. Now it is obviously
warded September 2021
The Burning Question (2)
Windows 10 fails to finish burning of a DATA DISC in CD-R format. Leaves the disc ''open'' with UDF filesystem when it should be ''closed'' and have t
warded June 2021
TV Crusade (4)
Our FINLUX led tv decided to stop showing image of any kind about a week ago. Somehow it came back, but it lasted only a week or so and then the tv wa
warded June 2021
RPG Maker MV games and stuff [13]
Gonna play and (quick) review some games available for the FREE RPG Maker MV Player on Nintendo Switch made by people. Did i mention that [i]the clien
warded September 2020
Linux adventures Part I [12]
Brother's machine started booting into initramfs because both /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda3 had file system problems. after googling some while finally did
warded June 2020
3dSen NES 3D emulator (1)
Seems pretty cool.
warded June 2020
The Metronome Project (0)
Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity fan sequel.
warded June 2020
AM2R (0)
Another Metroid 2 Remake.

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