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warded 8 hours 42 minutes
Under Night In-Birth 2 [25]
Sys:Celes 25.01.2024 ... and yeah the name sounds stupid. The game itself might be cool as i loaned the previous one from the lib
warded 3 days
MetroidVania (0)
Stands for Metroid+Castlevania, specifically referring to games with elements from both Super Metroid and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Th
warded 10 days
Roguelike and Roguelite (3)
Oversaturated the market much? for_sure.gif Seriously it feels like every week at least two new ones are announced to be in development.
warded 14 days
Grand Theft Auto 6 (3)
No OFFICIAL info yet. Rockstar Games is pretty tight-lipped on this one.
warded 17 days
Squad Busters (0)
from SuperCell. Another lucrative casual game. Money Talks, BS walks. It was mentioned in ten o'clock news because they bring lots of tax euros to Fin
warded 19 days
Square-Enix to focus more on quality (0)
rather than quantity. They have made some plans that reach at least to April 2027. clap.gif
warded 22 days
Tomb Raider I-II-III Remastered (1)
redalert.gif 24.09.2024 Physical Deluxe Edition
warded 23 days
Digital VS Physical (4)
Digital games are commonly same or even higher price than physical ones. Though we've seen some seriously hot deals for some digital games they
warded May 2024
POP TSOT Remake (2)
Prince of Persia: The sands of time. Ubisoft re-announced this project a while back. Most of the work was scr*pped and then rebuilt. Reminds me of Met
warded May 2024
EL Shaddai HD (3)
read.gif 10.05.2024
warded April 2024
Prince of Persia (3)
The Lost Crown (18.01.2024) also the remake/remaster of Prince of Persia Sands of Time has been delisted from game stores' sites.
warded April 2024
Umbraclaw (1)
Something by Inti Creates in May 2024 read.gif They always make good stuff.
warded April 2024
Mario Kart 9 (2)
It is coming... One day... They are still pushing new tracks, season pass etc. to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch.
warded April 2024
Princess Peach Showtime (3)
22.03.2024 for Nintendo Switch. A demo is out too.
warded March 2024
Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (0)
tea.gif 27.06.2024 for Nintendo Switch Already have 1 and 2 on Nintendo 3DS and 3 on Nintendo Switch so i probably will not get this version.

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