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trunking 8 days
Borderlands Movie (3)
Based on the Borderlands Sci-Fi meets Western RPG video game series. Releases in USA 9 August 2024.
warded 9 days
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (1)
Remakes of the better THPS games. tea.gif PS4, PS5, NSW and XBO. Though i did like 3 and 4 too. After that they pretty much dropped the ball.
warded 9 days
Outer Wilds (1)
wild.gif PS5 and NSW 30.08.2024
warded 9 days
This is the NON-RPG group for news and info for stuff that are NOT RPGs. Actual RPG stuff goes to EXPIREDRPGS group. tea.gif
warded 9 days
Batman Arkham Trilogy (NSW) (0)
redalert.gif 01.12.2023 / Arkham Asylum (2009) , Arkham City (2011) , Arkham Knight (2015) games with all the DLC and swag.
warded 9 days
New 'n' Tasty! Oddworld (NSW) (1)
Abe's Odyssee. Remake of the original game from PSX. read.gif 10/2020
warded 9 days
Tevi (0)
Some kind of a Metroidvania read.gif NSW and PS5 07.06.2024
warded 9 days
Red Dead Redemption (NSW) (1)
Base game + The Zombie wasting DLC (Undead Nightmare) + GOTY extras etc. / By Rockstar Games 10/2023 read.gif It is like a cowboy version of Grand Theft
warded 9 days
Red Dead Redemption 2 (0)
By Rockstar Games for PS4 and XBO 10/2018
warded 9 days
Oaken (0)
Turn-based tactical roguelike read.gif PS4, PS5 and NSW.
warded 9 days
Overlord (NSW) (0)
Escape from Nazarick tea.gif Metroidvania / 12.07.2024 / This is a game based on an anime series NOT related to the game series called Overlord from 200
warded 9 days
Legend of Keepers (NSW) (0)
Dungeon Management + Roguelite tea2.gif 26.07.2024
warded 9 days
The Last Faith (0)
Metroidvania + Soulslike read.gif NSW and PS5 13.09.2024
warded 9 days
Monopoly (2024) (0)
It is monopoly the board game, again. read.gif Ubisoft 26.09.2024 for NSW, PS5 and XBSX.
warded 9 days
Nintendo World Championships (1)
NES Edition for the Nintendo Switch tea.gif 18.07.2024

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