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cloud_s April 2019
New Members [14]
Hi, I'm cloud_s also known as chaosweapon. I'm the webmaster of Final Fantasy Tears (
phosgal September 2010
Fav character? (2)
Mine is aeris but i also lyk lulu especialy her outfit
cloud_s September 2010
Help (3)
Anyone who needs help may post here
armandtt September 2010
Ff8,eyes on me... [10]
I got so teary eyed playin ff8 for the 1st time,and i felt so touched when rinoa was lost in space and squall saved her,and then the song...f
bahamut September 2008
Toughest Boss? (6)
I'm sure this topic has been done to death before, but there isn't one here so thought i'd post it. So who do you all think it is then?
misskez September 2008
Online (4)
Does any one know of any links 2 get final fantasy online plz
rldowlin September 2008
Final Fantasy Chat Site (2)
If you wanna chat on a site made for final fantasy gamers well visit and chat in our final fantasy forums and chat rooms and take part
chime06 September 2008
FF XII (1)
Cn Any1 gve me The Low Down On Da Game. Da Stori Gameplay An Graphics
runestar September 2008
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (1)
So who is going to get it when it's out? i am a fan of the previous myself after clearing all the 300 missions :P Already played the japanese version
aceblitz July 2008
Meee! (0)
Hey all! Its me , numba 69 ;p c*m say hi n tell me all about how much ya luv Final Fantasy. I think the lot of us should go buy swords n blitz ba11s n
chime06 March 2008
Mobile? (2)
Cn Any1 Tel Me If Ther Is A Mobile Final Fantasy?
chime06 November 2006
Mobile Game (0)
Cn Any1 Tel Me If Ther Is A Mobile Final Fantasy?

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