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chrish91 February 2024
long time [33]
Hi guys I can't believe this site is still going must be over 10 yrs since I was last on here
vybznaro August 2023
besides being selfish (3)
id sell my used detergent (good luck)
yogii April 2023
Cliparts [25]
Pls put the code for those clip art who are not in help-clipart menu..thanx
warded September 2021
Group polls are blank (3)
When using OLD prodigits.
emman88 May 2021
Prodigit [27]
Can we download this prodigit site(plus)
warded March 2021
Old and new prodigits [9]
Cannot go back and forth freely anymore. Now have to login again whichever you want to use. Example: Try to open an audio file in old groups, now asks
warded October 2020
Wapgroups / Mobigroups (3)
If a group name starts with a - , it does not open correctly. Also going to wapgroups or mobigroups default pages , it will say group not found.
warded October 2020
Chat / Twi bug (0)
i'm using old prodigits and sending a pm to twi actually sends it to just chat and moves me to that room too from twi's room.
warded August 2020
500 - Internal server error [13]
I get this randomly when entering the Fun & Media forum. Server Error 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource y
jscott September 2019
Numptys back again (3)
Just felt like checking in and reconnecting with old friends, I say reconnecting but should really say briefly brushing past as I deftly make way in a
moplady September 2019
Prodigits colour back grounds (6)
Online.gif hi admin, am loving the new pro site great lay out, you dune brill there, and I see with the pop ups they are all different coulers, I was wo
warded July 2019
Cannot use a clipart due 2 censorship (2)
Namely the (cr*p) clipart.
auxano May 2019
Pls add new forums [17]
Pls add some new forums like Philosophy and Spirituality ... Life and relationship ... Science and nature ... World affairs ... etc its get qu
gawie February 2019
Problem entering wap sites (3)
When I use my pc I cannot enter wap sites of members using an underscore in their nicks, eg. Gawie_01. I get download file command. When I use my noki
virg February 2019
Greetings [10]
Hi I am virg looking to make new good friends all over the world.

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