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charlc07 May 2020
Hiya x (4)
Hey :D x ive just joined this group x im 16 f wales . . 17 7th april :P x id like 2 have some new buds, guys and gals welcome :P x thanks everyone x m
var2 May 2020
Hi! looking for good friend:-) [28]
Hi there! Read my profile and check my wapsite for info about me!
rosey1st October 2015
Is real love possible on wap? [30] and there i c pple saying i luv u, i nid a gal, nid a guy etc...(black&whites)...but are this sincere?
siddharth17 May 2015
Looking for (0)
I am siddharth,I am frm india i am here to make sme new frnds,Can u be my frnd?
xdeath69 April 2015
true fndsip iz a rainbow b2in (6)
letz fnd 4 a true boy..really um true..nt hear only 4 chat or tym hear 4 true n lyf tym fndz..
pk3007 April 2015
hiii (0)
Hii guys I'm new in this group anyone's interested to xx n frndz
surajsid June 2014
hey (0)
need a good friend... Pictures in d pRo.. *thankx*
bohemiaz July 2013
Wana gal (1)
From india for wild and hot s*x
ashkan11 July 2013
Is it psbl to luv sum1 faraway [13]
Do u think it is possible to love sum1 who is thousands of miles away?
happy16 July 2013
want some friends (7)
My name is sam im 15 and gay sorry.gif if anybody wants to be my friend
sarmy August 2012
shy talking to girls.....HEEEELP! (2)
wen i meet a gal am all confused don knw wat to say.....i really really need help
rody9499 September 2011
Cuteness. (0)
Does having short hair look cute on boys? What about a cadet cut?
blklondo May 2011
London Meet (0)
London guys pm me!
ashkan11 February 2011
I wanna find my old friend (1)
Hi there.dangeerx,dyelove is my old and best friend here.but she hasnt got on here recently.if u know her,plz inbox me plz plz plz.she is so important
muzy February 2011
HA HA HA HA!!!! (1)
JOKE if superman is clever, why does he wear his underwear over his trousers?

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