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southpac May 2011
Pickuplines comeback (4)
Nice legs when do they open?: nice mouth when does it shut
hope7272 May 2011
Funny joke (1)
What do u have when u have 2 ba11s in ur hand? A mans undivided attition.
southpac August 2009
wet whisper (1)
a mother took her lil boy 2 church while in church the lil boy said mom i ave 2 pee the mother said 2 the boy its wrong 2 say that word in church so 4
southpac November 2008
rude joke (3)
did i c u yesterday at the mall,with a grey jacket?no?o then it was a rubbish bug after all
southpac November 2008
happy b*tt [10]
it waz dis lil girls first day at skul and the teacher asked her wat was her name was and she replied happy b*tt the teacher said honey i dont think t
southpac October 2007
new joke (0)
all the ppl ask me y am single ok now u knw y am single coz my parents in-law were not able 2 have kidz
southpac October 2007
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add any jokes u know nd enjoy

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